Superfan Of Rugby Amasses £100k Figure Collection

Giving up burning was the spur for fans of rugby to amass a collection of sports figures worth amount of £100,000. Andy South spent the money that would have spent on cigarettes on Groggs, with him about 400 models which are thought to be one of the most valuable collections assembled. All the caricatures have been made by one man in Pontypridd, but the second-hand versions can on eBay for hundreds.

The caricature of unique Shane Williams is sought to be one of the most expensive, and it’s selling for £1,500 in a charity auction. As the autumn internationals are about to start, with Wales taking on Australia, the rugby fans now talk about players who immortalize in Grogg form after the matches are over.

John Hughes started making the models in the year 1965 and he started this work in his garden shed. He started making models of stars such as JPR Williams, Gareth Edwards

Later, his son also got involved with Hughes in the sculpting the faces of players who were.

Mr. Hughes said, “We have planned the run of just 10 players in a strip in the beginning as we thought, this is the number that we could sell”

“But, as our number of clients increased, and customers do not want to miss out, so we increased the numbers of caricatures we made.”

This meant that when they stop making Grogg of certain, its value rocketed, and Hughes added: “People realized that they couldn’t get this stuff anywhere else.

“Even so, it is a bit weird to see them go up in value so much after we have sold them.”

Despite offers from companies produce this Groggs in mass, it is a small and a family business, five painters are involved in coloring each model and it takes Mr. Hughes eight weeks to sculpt.

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