Moriarty Set for Return?

When Wales declared their new policy of selection for overseas players, it was very much anticipated that many of the top players of Welsh playing outside of the regions would have to come back home.

Among the many, the one player who is expected to come back is Ross Moriarty, it has been reported widely that the borrower of British and Irish Lions will join the Newport Gwent Dragons at season’s end, finishing his time with Gloucester.

The team Dragons is understood to have secured the race for his signature with both the Scarlets and Cardiff Blues also keen on the 23-year-old.

Johan Ackermann, the Gloucester head coach, recently made a statement in the media about Moriarty; he said he is disappointed over the communication gap between the pair.

“To be very honest, Ross has not spoken to me at all, he has not even come and meet me, or seen me at any stage of discussing contracts or to discuss about what are his future plans, or to inform me where he wants to be and or if he wants to etcetera, then why he wants to go etcetera,” Ackermann quoted this in Gloucestershire Live.

“If he doesn’t speak with me how would I be able to help him? He should come to me at least once to discuss what plans he has for future.”

Moriarty didn’t take these comments from his own coach too kindly as he tweeted “I do not recall in my last contract for Gloucester where I am supposed to go and ask for a new one.”

The differences between two has become public now and it is not good for players like him and coaches. Hope we will see the end of this conflict soon and some good news about this pair.

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