Man Utd And Pre-Season Games

Among the rumors and transfer news that are doing the rounds, Man United would probably be looking at the release clause of Renato Sanches.

The pre season tour that has started off for United would probably have a midfielder short in the upcoming tour of China. This is mainly with reference to losing out on Sanches this time, but many saying that the club might not be giving up just yet. Bayern Munich is being asked to release Renato Sanches and look into his release clauses and conditions.

This eighteen year old player was moved from Benfica to Bayern early this year and he made an impressive debut in the Euro 2016 campaign for the club. Hence, he has caught the attention of the United club authorities who would like to get this player over for the team. They have been asking about the price that would lead to his release. The Portuguese player should have been signed on earlier this year by United when they lost out on the opportunity. Jose has been unhappy that the club had not been able to catch this player when he was being moved.

Other news of Man United is Ibrahimovic has been on an extended break even after he had signed up for United. The pre season tour of China will not see him playing on the field. He is known to be a striker of formidable skills. He would be present for the game against Galatasaray when the United team would travel to play the friendly match in Gothenburg. Incidentally, it would be in Ibrahimovic’s hometown in Sweden. As per UEFA rules the players who have been part of the European Championships need to be given a break of three weeks before they get back to playing for their club games.

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