Lukas Podolski spokes about his Love for Premier League

German striker Lukas Podolski has spoken about his love for the English Premier League.

Even though the player spent only a couple of seasons in English football experiencing the top division, he has already seen enough of the game to suggest that he misses it quite often. Podolski is capable player of commenting on the quality found in the Premier League. As a top player himself, the German has been something of a journeyman. He has already played in the German, English, Italian, and Turkish leagues in European football.

This has given him enough experience of the style of football being adopted in these countries. After having experienced a number of leagues, Podolski dismissed suggestions that the Premier League was in decline. Premier League clubs have not been able to dominate the Champions League since the 2008 campaign. The title has been shared by the likes of the German and Spanish teams for quite a while. The last English team to win the Champions League was Chelsea in 2011-12 campaign, but they were largely second-best throughout the tournament. Podolski expects this element to change coming years, although the German himself will not experience Champions League football in the time being.

Galatasaray have been given a huge suspension and ban to take part in the European competitions.”I still have good contacts with Arsenal, those were three nice years for me professionally and personally. I always look at the games and results, and wish them good luck. But Leicester City are first and it is not undeserved. Anyone who is up there deserves it.We will see if they can keep it up until the end, they have had the big advantage of concentrating entirely on the league week in week out right through the season,” said the former Arsenal striker.

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