Guardiola: Man City Restrained By Budget

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola says he has been restrained at the Premier League side by their budget. The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss enjoyed strong success in his stay at those clubs. After a disappointing first term, the Spaniard is set for glory this season.

City are 12 points ahead in the Premier League; they are in the final of the EFL Cup against Arsenal; and they are still in the FA Cup. Guardiola would be targeting the Champions League, when they play the Round of 16 in February. For him it is a major target as he last lifted the title whilst at Barca. He reached three semis but could not win with the German champions.

Guardiola wants to bring more players and continue with his changes this summer. However he is constrained by the budget of the club. The club lost out in the race to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal as the club could not match the player’s demands. Sanchez demanded to be the highest paid in the league, and City were unwilling to agree to it for several reasons. Paying Sanchez that much could lead to disharmony in the team.

The Spaniard says Man City cannot afford to but “22 top players” despite their strong financial backing. He says he would have to be lucky with injuries as he does not have these top 22 players. He reminded that the club cannot pay the regular £80-£100 million for top players right now. And the club is careful about offering huge salaries they cannot sustain.

Guardiola said the club is looking at their academy more. He admitted that they spend a lot of money there but said it was comparable to other top clubs.

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