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  1. Mrmyagi132

    You shoudl’ve done of all time

  2. Joel Chastain

    I really enjoyed this. It’s amazing when you step back from it and look at
    the team overall and how they play together…’s beautiful

  3. Max Meyer

    Omg I love themsomuchimeanlikesomuchbybitches

  4. Nhung Nhớ

    I think the goal vs Man City (we win 3-2, FA community shield) is also a
    good one , it deserves a spot in the top 10 :D 

  5. TheNokturnl

    Just clicking like does not do enough for this…thank you Jesse Thompson :) 

  6. attentater95

    Kagawa is not that crisp these days. That said, he doesn’t get much
    exposure. So it’s 50% moyes fault! and 50% kagawa’s

  7. bd3n21

    well, it’s not about the connection, if his connection is bad then the
    video would lagging only for him, it has nothing to do with the connection,
    this video is in HD definitely, however some of the videos has got a bad
    quality because it got recorded by phone I assume, now HD won’t solve this
    problem, HD won’t convert any bad quality to a BluRay quality, he has to
    use the 720 option at least if there is no 1080p, in my opinion he doesn’t
    even know what HD is I guess so… it’s HD for sure thing

  8. Fahmi Ahmad

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  9. Subham Patra

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  10. ManUtdWR9

    what a video! really awesome

  11. swifthunter RAYMAN


  12. jzdaprince

    why are there no arsenal fans on this video? they think they are the only
    ones playing football…LOOOOL! MYTH!

  13. nadZ kem

    wat bout nani`s goal against man city??

  14. Hoàng Nguyễn

    Cleverley has ONE, ONE kind of finishing….jesus!

  15. Jesse Thompson

    you either have a bad connection, or you’ve never used the 720p option

  16. Saravanan Krishnan

    You call this HD?

  17. smile24

    @David I guess that you got angry because of my misspelling(wrong:Jesun
    Sung correct:Jeyun Sung) I didn’t ask you.And i haven’t criticize for Park
    Ji Sung before(i think he was nice player) Thank you so much that you show
    good opinion about football. PS:To all other Utd fans.I’m very sorry that i
    wrote very personal matter here.

  18. smile24

    PS:below comment to “Jesun Sung”

  19. smile24

    I think about myself im never racist.And many opinions can be free for
    ourselves among us.If those could be useful and make us understand more
    positively.Hmm i can’t get what you really mean.Shinji Kagawa might not be
    a world class player now.Tell me the reason why he sucks as soon as
    possible.For example? What does make you annoy?

  20. Sreerag Gangadharan

    Is it just coincidence that Kagawa is in almost all the above games?

  21. AdriasSoap

    The fact that these are called teamplay goals kind of shows you how direct
    United are.

  22. adrian bernard

    I really want to see this again

  23. Mac Dre

    Man i miss this

  24. elmir mehdiyev


  25. Danny McDonald

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  26. xXWeOwnItXx

    Headers OP

  27. allan richy

    Commentary is the Best BGM .. this one sucks ..

  28. loppun

    Looks like a Chicharito highlight video to me

  29. bakang keitseope

    hey guys, could somebody please tell me the name of the song that plays
    first and the artist..i sooo like it

  30. Dan Laverty

    Song at Start?

  31. Eli Tidd

    the biggest comeback ever was Arsenal 7-5 Reading coming from 4-0 down to

  32. borrie mcgarry

    Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

  33. Glory10HD

    two words. fergie time

  34. Glory10HD


  35. Sunđer Bob

    song on 4:47 ??

  36. dgyta

    7:30 is he sleeping ? lol

  37. Dimitar Dimitrov


  38. plk michalx


  39. Sanjeev Athiberan

    and arsenal are just Ozil Arsenal

  40. Tariq Shakur

    Haha, you think the music is fitting? No disrespect intended, but I
    disagree. As for the copyright that’s fair enough, but i’d prefer it if the
    commentary was muted and you just heard the atmosphere of the game. Just

  41. DewsRand0m

    are you stupid?

  42. Mihai Das

    Isn’t Manchester United is just RVP United…:|

  43. Aleckiano

    which is the name of the first song?

  44. Hain Uchiha.wantwant

    welbeck sucks moyes should put chicharito

  45. AeonXero

    First of all, if you’re NEW to YouTube, if you post up match clips with
    JUST the commentary, it gets taken down due to copyright issues. Second,
    the music is fitted for a video like this.

  46. andragonous

    I think it tends to be because TV companies can’t claim copyright
    infringement as easily if they don’t use the commentary. Just a guess

  47. TheMefedrone

    this is hard season for us :) but i belive becounse Red Devils nevers get
    up ;) !! GGMU my love !

  48. Tariq Shakur

    I just CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY people ALWAYS have to add damn music. As if
    anyone would want to hear that shit during an actual game.

  49. Saul Olivares

    Notice how many chicharito made, that why Moyes should put him instead of
    Welbek (Forgot how to spell his name)

  50. Fang Chen Yu

    Man United best

  51. Anup Bhuju

    wht a video man…….wow

  52. Hanumanth Padmanabhan


  53. Danny Mac

    I miss Sir Alex :( 

  54. sang hong

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  55. Mini Monty

    What pisses me off more than anything in the comments, is not the scoucers
    and the inbred city fans banter, it’s the fucking uneducated gloryhunting
    so called ‘fans’ pretending like they know something about football -_-

  56. Mini Monty

    errm, please tell me what you know about football… -_- Im not even going
    to bother educating a gloryhunting cunt like you.

  57. Lionel Chua

    Chicharito is a great player to lead a comeback !

  58. viyanda hoveka

    when sir alex ferguson was there liverpool 1-2 man utd ….but when moyes
    is here liverpool 1-0 man utd caan you see the differents moyes is a bad
    coach for united i hope he leaves united soon

  59. r3ndos

    1. Man Utd are going through a period of change 2. ‘Best player’ has lived
    in Manchester for 5+ years and he was never a fan of Liverpool. (He
    supported Everton) 3. Typical Liverpool fan logic, just cause your not in
    Manchester, you can’t be a fan.

  60. whosaidthat ihatehim

    Shit man, you can make some serious videos :o

  61. viyanda hoveka

    when sir alex firgison was there manchester city 2-3 manchester united
    …but when moyes is here manchester city 4-1 manchester united can u see
    the differents moyes is a bad coach for united i hope he leaves united soon

  62. Martin Viking

    Well, now they’re a mid-table side ;) Scottish manager, best player is a
    scouser, 90% fans are foreign. Sums it up really.-_-

  63. whosVixez

    Excellent video!

  64. TechZoomed

  65. viyanda hoveka

    whoever says that manu is bad u are not alrite in the head

  66. Dan Genner

    this is what most man u fans would have reacted. oh shit southampton were
    gonna get thrashed

  67. Dan Genner

    yeh u should moyes is shit

  68. Dan Genner

    in my opinion all man u fans are gr8 only if they have a reason for
    supporting man u like a family relative does or you live there or born
    there etc. but if you do for the glory then your glory seekers who have no

  69. Ziad Hariri

    Where do u download your clips i wanna make a video but i dont know how to
    get them please help

  70. TechZoomed

    Free Manchester United Fixtures with date and time updates and more

  71. TechZoomed

    Let’s continue winning. Our next match vs Southhampton 19 / 10 /13

  72. Sven -Göran Eriksson

    small mid table club

  73. George Walsh

    Always believe

  74. shirish yonzon

    Never Give up attitude!!!!

  75. PersianWolverine


  76. Stivert L

    Great goals! But where the hell is george best?

  77. Johan Eriksson


  78. Owen Shaw

    What has happened to Nani? In that video he scored some absolute pearlers. 

  79. Jacob Clappison

    Andy cole only scored bicycles

  80. Ridho Hafidz

    Man united is the best

  81. 신범수


  82. Kujtim Idrizi

    The chip from Scholes against Panathinaikos should be in this video, the
    teamwork was brilliant!

  83. יובל צור


  84. Nathan Dillon

    andy cole is a bicycle kick specialist

  85. san sm

    what happened with george best’s goals?

  86. echolot


  87. matthew knott

    Rooney overhead number 1 part from tht brilliant video

  88. Smith9

    united 4 life wat a boss wayne rooney

  89. john fitzgerald

    i really thought that this video was so good to watch :) 

  90. Alargentiny FG

    Top 100 Man UTD Goals

  91. Tshwanelo Matsane

    Nani really hasn’t done the young-Nani justice :( 

  92. Ardalan2012

    We are United, United Forever

  93. callum93edluk

    It’s in there.

  94. Smiffyalltheway

    There’s a goal missing which should definitely be in here. A goal by Ole
    Solskjaer vs Ipswich at home in 2000/01 season. Beckham plays a quality
    long ball over the top and Ole’s control was insane before he smashed it in

  95. Alehud42


  96. Evan Santos

    Giggs vs Juventus? 03

  97. Evan Santos

    Why is Scholes 68?? personally I think he should be in the top 5. An
    absolutely amazing goal and it sent United to the Champions League Final,
    and it was against Barcelona

  98. TigranTheMetz

    In my opinion, I’d rearrange the top 5: 5. Ronaldo vs Porto 4. Beckham vs
    Wimbledon 3. Rooney vs Man City 2. Scholes vs Aston Villa 1. Giggs vs

  99. CrazySoon9413

    Brilliant video , but you missed Park Ji Sung’s 2nd Goal against
    Wolverhampton !

  100. Connor Hryhorysak

    Andy Cole and his Bikes

  101. a.j berlanga


  102. Kieran Marshall

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  103. Golaso93

    What a game !!! 

  104. yassine kand

    big match
    Manchester United – Arsenal: Manchester United vs Arsenal 1-0 10/11/2013
    van persie

  105. Daniel Keane

    i absolutely lol’d when the commentator said “theatre of nightmares”

  106. Jamie Ricci-Martinez

    Chicharito baby! Viva Mexico!

  107. Maria Osman

    Great comeback and great players

  108. haariskane

    mate, people have been saying things like that before instagram was

  109. Anthony Robinson

    i didnt say you cant love him,you said hero like he took you guys into top
    5,just letting you know it doesnt move you guys

  110. Fahd Riyami

    This is ALL because of freaking Instagram.

  111. Elissa Effie

    blablabla. say anything you want. i just love hernandez

  112. Logman Abbasli


  113. Hadley Adams

    yeah true. but united will just end up losing a really good goal scorer

  114. Hadley Adams

    true. but il even mix it up by playing all three of them. They dont need to
    be static. watch how suarez, sturridge and continiho rotate all over the
    place it makes them more potent

  115. haariskane

    he probably would, but how are you supposed to play hernandez when you have
    one of the best strikers in the world (rvp) and a very inform rooney on
    your team

  116. DewsRand0m

    he cant play like this, when mexico has been crap for the past year.

  117. Tarek Bizri

    Looks like FIFA ‘14 got it right since 4 of these 5 goals came from
    crosses. lol

  118. Ly Sing

    Sir Alex knows Man Unt more than any people on the planet, and i think you
    know how Sir Alex did towards him. Hernandez is a lucky player for Man Unt.

  119. Rico Bustamante

    Eres el mejor chicharito

  120. Salman Rashid


  121. Salman Rashid


  122. nathancopestake2001

    I went, felt like the best day ever when Hernandez scored :D

  123. ddresidentevil2

    Hernandez play like this with Mexico you son of a bitch!!! u.u

  124. mattbellamymate

    Is the yellow screen necessary? Aren’t there better way to get around
    copyright infringement, if you think it’s necessary?

  125. Justino Compeán

    ya veras voy a dar el proximo maracanazo,la final brazil mexico en el
    maracana y el chicharito anota el gol del triunfo mexicano,se les va picar
    el ojos ya veran todos quedaran en BABIlonia.

  126. Curtis I

    de gea can probably play midfield better than anderson…

  127. F12Y14N25

    a goalkeeper beat you anderson
    Why do we have him on our team.

    United actually have had a problem with corners for a while, Here is the
    solution :) 

  128. Brock Mak

    He scored both times in last year’s Christmas Challenge, now he beat
    Anderson in the corner challenge. Next time Ashley Young draws a penalty,
    De Gea should take it.

  129. Dani R

    Anderson a goalkeeper beat you

  130. Gaurav Bhatt

    Shame on you Ando :P 

  131. Franciszek Szarwacki

    Goalkeepers in England have better technic than offensive players in

  132. ayah Aqeel

    what a goalkeeper

  133. Alvin Herlambang

    “Play for Real” My sense for subliminal message are tingling

  134. Brock Mak

    Wins it in the final shot, and he timed them superbly.

  135. n8kn8kn8k

    Still better than Anderson

  136. Chanon Somwongin

    คนโปรดผมเลย ♥ DE GEA

  137. rohail13lol

    De gea beating Anderson shows how bad Anderson is…

  138. fearfatch

    He’s big, he’s bad, he’s Spanish Dave! He makes great saves, he never
    shaves. Flying through the aaaiiirrr, come and have a shot if you dare!

  139. Tiago Severino

    Because Anderson also did this challenge! he had 60 points!

  140. Karo Kisa

    why dedicate this to Anderson?

  141. Alviss Thông

    ahh! what’s up with Anderson?

  142. Manchu

    He’s Big. He’s Brave.. !

  143. Bullshit Man

    Runs in the name Dave..

  144. FullTimeDEVILS

    Top stuff – who needs Bend It Like Beckham when you can ‘Do It Like Dave’!

  145. JOKBO1

    Haha, the goalkeeper is better than u Ando.

  146. eric razman

    De gea pls

  147. エリア26


    デ・ヘア 85ポイント
    アンデルソン 60ポイント

  148. Yazer YMD

    man $ity will nvr be better than united

  149. dieter rössler

    manchester i love you forever


    Love the way in the end how Mancini tried to shout something but he heard
    whistle and gived up..

  151. Claudia Tan

    I love you Man U

  152. pibenja7

    como le puede ganar al manchester

  153. Davy Schriks

    Glory Glory Man United !!!

  154. Tho Nguyen

    Nani hoàn hảo

  155. vortic

    Baptism of fire for De Gea. So glad he stuck around and showed everyone why
    he’s great.

  156. Jonascodmw2

    1999- United – Bayern ! SOLSKJAER

  157. bigboned316

    more like welbeck got allergic to goals, cleverley became shit and anderson

  158. Thomas Healey

    LFC 2nd half vs Ac Milan?


    yang mau putar silahkan klick.

  160. Jeffrey Mathews

    This youthful team with Cleverley, Anderson, Welbeck, Jones, Evans coupled
    with the experience and brilliance of Nani, Rooney, Evra promised big
    things. And then 6-1 happened, and Ferguson’s youthful attacking philosophy

  161. Lu ShuaiLong

    this Nani is needed to be sold?

  162. David Keatley

    Go MANU! :-)

  163. Jasneet Bains

    Fuckkkk yessssss GGMU

  164. Violeta Kateba


  165. AppFaZer

    Nani was sooooooo goood back then…. we need this kind of Nani back :(

  166. ManUntdForever

    You’re awesome. Thanks so much for posting!

  167. Joseph Villanueva

    Glory glory man united

  168. shahnawaz EMZ

    that is man U

  169. united8536

    this was on my was fucking unbelievable to watch,didn`t look
    like we would claw it back but to get even and win it so late was far the best community shield game i`ve ever seen

  170. Jeffrey Mathews

    And I want this United back

  171. said schmiedt

    thank you for this vidieo

  172. kilen9me5skilen

    Probably the best half of all time!!

  173. Golden Legion

    “And your £100m+ signings team struggling to make it top 5 never mind
    anywhere near title contenders hahaha” You’re right! Spurs are not your
    rivals. Spurs are way too much above the Scum! The Scummers are a joke.

  174. Ultra Monk

    700 maaaaaad arsenal fans

  175. Oliver Morley-Fletcher

    buff game, united on a level

  176. Roan Dhakal

    Typical arsenal cry babies commenting here… And they tease us for our
    losses against shitty.. First save.ur own assea up! 10 years and not a
    single hime victory for.gunners against MUFC!GGMU!!

  177. Andrew Monroe

    Interesting looking back on this as an Arsenal fan. What I see: 2 perfect
    place kicks from Rooney, 1 brilliant and 1 very very good from Young, a
    very solid but preventable goal from Park, a soft penalty, and the header
    and uncontested goals due to shite defending. Arsenal was piss poor this
    day, but United was also brilliant and in my mind had 5 very well earned
    goals, with the Rooney and first Young goal being near impossible to stop. 

  178. aaa9713

    you have just witnessed ashley young having a good game
    i’ll say that again

  179. aprc1977a

    I was expecting us to take a while longer for Moysey to bed in and get his
    ideas across and for him to find his feet. Following SAF was almost
    impossible and DM had to give everyone a run out to find his best team. I
    wouldn’t have minded once we got a CL. place and a good cup run. But I have
    to say he’s learning very quick. They have had a tough start to the season
    but are flying in the cups and CL. and now only 5 points off top. We have a
    lot of handy games until new year, the defence has tightened up, Janujaz is
    a diamond, Jones is a revelation in MF with Fletch’s return imminent and
    the strikers scoring at will. So proud of DM for all the stick he has got,
    I believe in him 100% Write us off at your peril. We will be there or
    thereabouts this season, no doubt. GGMU-IMWT!

  180. Fresh Phily

    Jenkinson and Coquelin debuts because of injuries. Djourou who should never
    play getting a game because of injuries. Armand Traore who was not got
    enough and got sold was playing due to injuries. Noticing a theme here?
    Koscielny and Sczcesny were left to the slaughter in that game. Man Utd
    should give 2 debuts in defence and play 2 defenders they don’t have
    confidence in for who ever the two most inform defenders are and see what
    happens. Sure you have Rooney and Van Persie so it should be fine.

  181. jzdaprince

    talking about inexperienced, we had smalling, jones and evans with evra as
    the back 4…cleverley, anderson and welbeck in the midfield and attack. We
    had just bought Ashley Young….8-2!!!!!!!! fair and fucking square…oh
    dont forget the 6-1, and im not talking about united vs city hahaha ;-D

  182. Kasey Point

    I don’t understand how we’re not like this now. The team is practically the
    same! Granted the Arsenal line up wasn’t their best but they were still
    miles better than some of the other premier league teams that are giving us
    trouble this season. 

  183. Cheang Josephine

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  184. Jason Moloney

    Look at this arsenal team and the arsenal team atm. Most of the players are
    the same and were on the top of the table. We’re no man city, Chelsea or
    Man U who buys the league 

  185. arsh khosa

    just look at that arsenal team. how can you even be proud of that win. 

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  187. Harvard MathGod

    No matter what club you support, you must admit Ferguson is the best
    manager in the last century.
    Man Utd is one of the most expensive and decorated clubs in the world,
    Ferugon did everything to do that for Man Utd.

  188. Hollo Meo

    Wow, I remember those days when the defence is crazy for almost full on
    90mins, I suffer from anxiety. And from those days, THAT scoreline haunts
    me. These days, I can’t fuckin wait for Sunday to come. COYG!

  189. Kalela

    Jenkinson, Chesny, and Coquelin were really horrible in this game. Wenger
    lost this game when he sold all his best players and fielded a team
    consisting mostly of reserves players and newly bought championship

  190. James Urwin

    Yes but now you are looking at the club not the manager. He is a manager
    that is good enough to bring success to a team, which stands my point in
    the fact Jose Mourinho is one, if not, the best manager in the world. It is
    a negative he doesn’t stick around but the argument is that you believe
    Jose Mourinho is overrated when he is not. He is a brilliant manager and
    one of the greatest’s of his time.

  191. James Urwin


  192. ToufiqLeVox

    the sitty goalkeeper that I’ve ever seen before

  193. allenfig18

    Fuck arsenal

  194. Alex King

    lol all the united fans are needing to come and look at this now to make
    themselves feel better because they know they are going to get smashed on
    sunday. arsenal top of the league LOL

  195. Adaminski95

    Well surely you’ve just stated another big negative aspect of him (he’s
    only there for about 3 seasons) which shows that he brings no stability to
    a club and doesn’t help bring success to a club in the long term.

  196. WorldMusicMCMXCII_magyar

    I miss the old Young, and the old Nani

  197. James Urwin

    Well what’s the point in Jose Mourinho doing that when he only remains at a
    club for maximum, four seasons? I love that Arsene Wenger does that but he
    can do it because he is a long term manager, Jose Mourinho isn’t. Jose is a
    manager who just manages a team for success and the moves on. There is no
    point bringing a youth player through when you aren’t there for his

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  199. ShaneCarwin

    How did Leverkusen beat Shakhtar 4-0? :/

  200. 18JahreAltesKonto

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  202. 17footballlover

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  203. Curtis I

    nothing is wrong, much rather listen to him than most English commentators

  204. oceanyt8

    still not convinced, its time for you to remove your statement before it
    turns ugly..

  205. GERmilfhunter257

    wtf is worng with the commentator

  206. oceanyt8

    lets make it real, side bet and lets honor this loud is nothing.
    be a staunch supporters who can afford to lose when the facts is obvious,
    then we are true supporters! what u think?

  207. Haikal F.M

    we will see. i bet you will delete your account in the end of the season.

  208. oceanyt8

    i prove my point. mu trailing wba 1-2 . told ya bro, even though they might
    win the premier leaque, they probably win by luck or other team blunder.
    They not playing like a champ and inconsistent. i wouldnt bet my money on
    them. old defenders, poor midfielders and certain players are depleted.
    Give rooney a do or die choice, hair or team? guess he gonna for hair
    trsnsplant. time to recruit new strikers. Hernandez is good but no avail
    due to poor sub strikers

  209. oceanyt8

    exactly but rooney din go all out anymore. hes concern about his hair than
    anything. mu seriously need caliber striker, young and welbeck simply not
    good enough couple with some old defenders. hard to bet on this team as
    they can lose anytime.

  210. holldorado

    He must love Rooney an

  211. holldorado

    ما اروع روني

  212. holldorado

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  213. iman dahir


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    I want to play for Manchester united it will be nice to be on the team just
    email me @

  217. anmol Madon

    to be fair rooney has been their best player so far this season but i just
    think the midfield don’t give the strikers the service

  218. wengersaphorism

    4-1 The ship is sinking! Moyes is clueless and so is the whole team. Vidic,
    Ferdinand, Young, Valencia, Evra, Evans, Anderson and Nani are all way past
    their best. Moyes has no belief from the fans. Troubled times at Old

  219. oceanyt8

    manchester is depleted team and set to be history. The players are awful.
    No decent strikers except Van Persie. Rooney is too cautious and dont think
    he will go all out. Too many senior defenders and midfielders. Mark my
    word. They will struggle. Sorry, this is fact. Keeper is another problem.
    Just not good enough.

  220. Maria Osman

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    Kagawa is absolutely beasting in this vid….Moyes should’ve played him
    more in the beginning.

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  248. Fanboys FTW

    I’m not upset we got Moyes, but the more and more I think about it it just
    doesn’t seem right. He is a quality manager but he in my opinion doesn’t
    have that presence that some other managers possess. I honestly think
    Mourinho would have been perfect 

  249. harringtonbates

    If united want to do well sack shitty david moyes

  250. Nathaniel Walker

    Give moyes time, let him work out who can play and who can’t in the team.
    He isn’t just going to click and win everything straight away. We’ve won 3
    games in a row, when we get our winning mentality back we’ll get more
    confidence and in the new January window we could get 1 or 2 good players.
    Give him time, true united fans will understand not any glory hunting fans
    that support united just cos we win anything

  251. RossMane95

    he will never return

  252. Cat World

    fuck those players…. buy ronaldo back with 100m

  253. RossMane95

    Moyes will be given £100m transfer budget… To buy some players from
    Everton like the 29year old Baines and maybe Andy Johnson

  254. RossMane95

    Well done Agent Moyes! I’m loving the work! Continue to destroy Manchester
    Utd lmao! 6 Year contract, the Board Are trapped they can’t sack Moyes
    because the compensation will increase their £300m DEBT.

  255. 909rhythm

    Be great if he got united relegated!

  256. Hodgey1989

    This guy is good, id give him a contract extension

  257. Erik Semambo


  258. 博文 伊藤

    Are you sure? Manchester United is not the team to practice his management
    skill. It is the place to show the best management! If he can’t manage
    well, he must leave!

  259. Armo Abrahamyan

    Your shitty glory hunter, but not united fan. Sir Akex never did misstake
    and im sure he didnt this time too. United fans must give him time because
    he is simply new and never faced champion league or was able to couch this
    big team. He will be next fergusson, if we give hi and not push him even
    more when we have hard times. He is good manager he just needs little bit
    time. Remember that he was over liverpool last season with everton!

  260. m1che1


  261. marco c

    oh dear oh dear poor old davey moyes, my mrs has had to wash 3 pairs of
    jeans cos i keep pissing myself laughing city 4 scum1 scum 1 west brom 2
    cant wait for your sunderland game

  262. tylerdurden2006

    pissed up tramp? Yeah he’s only the most successful British manager ever.
    I’m sure you’ve done a lot with your life

  263. Ali Sharmake

    Hey watch your filthy mouth boy never ever disrespect the great sir Alex

  264. Ali Sharmake

    3 years?!?!?!?!? don’t you mean 3 months?.

  265. King Uddin

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  266. SmallSpeedStacker

    So your a Manchester United hater?

  267. AnthonyEFC1000

    Judas prick

  268. desfefe

    The media overinflated his claim, i mean, he did say what he said, but, i
    think he meant only as a “striker” that he will be a backup. In truth, i
    think he had the idea of playing Rooney in midfield from day one. So to be
    fair, no harm done.

  269. kulasopon

    You killed Robb & Catelyn Stark!!!

  270. PigeonsPlanesEst

    @MuppetBrigadeable a month ago you were talking shit about me about me
    saying that moyes needs to sign someone and look now 1month has gone a we
    still haven’t signed fuck all

  271. coldbloodedboy11

    where are his eyebrows?

  272. mokeeffe96

    Fucking hypocrite, hope you fail at United you ginger knob.

  273. ipolson

    When it happend in the World Cup Final against Xabi Alonso everyone said
    the Dutch player should have been sent off. Now cos its a British team
    everyone says not a red card. Football fans are so funny

  274. DAKINGPIN1999

    The very next game in the champions league benzema kicks a players head
    with his high foot which was 10 times worse and didn’t even get a yellow

  275. k1dzpwns

    Less an argument and more a bit of banter tbh…

    Keane’s a cunt, but you can’t knock the fact that he isn’t afraid to say
    what’s on his mind.

  276. LilWayneDrakeYM

    Fuck you Keane !!!

  277. raffers irish

    Anyone who says Keane wasn’t a talented footballer is a delusional bitter
    waste. He captained Manchester United, scored some vital goals and
    intimidated the best midfields in the world. Yeah he was an aggressive
    player, but that just shows his desire and heart. I’d like to see whoever
    is slating him say it to Roy’s face.

  278. netweed09

    Keane was correct tho. He’s not a bad pundit tbh, quite honest. If a bit
    (read, very) dull =]

  279. vinyldude1210

    Roy Keane fascinates me. Find him compelling viewing. Talk about speaking
    your mind.
    He’s just so intense. 

  280. sunny smith

    spot on go on Roy preach the truth

  281. netweed09

    Wow. Some argument. Not that I was looking for any fisticuffs from these
    gentlemen, no way ,]

  282. anil2

    Dixon was right at the end. As soon as the red happened, Mourinho made a
    change right away. United looked a little lost and couldn’t contain the

  283. mickser101

    Keane has more talent in his baby finger than you do in your entire body
    tough guy. Somebody should break your legs you sub human sumbag

  284. StrongholdOfWisdom

    Very insightful. Thank you.

  285. StrongholdOfWisdom

    I don’t think he mentioned his wage.



  287. Cons

    If Keane wasn’t talented he would never have gotten to where he got.. He
    intimidated everyone and that’s exactly what you want from a defensive
    midfielder, Roy Keane held the midfield unlike anyone else ever has, how
    many of uniteds goals came from Keane winning the ball and sending it
    forward? He scored in games where it mattered and he was the captain for a
    reason. Yeah he probably can be cunt, but he did have his leg broken and he
    repaid the person who did it in kind. Keane is a Irish Hero.

  288. john marsh

    Cantona was a very talented player though. Keane never was. He just
    intimidated the ref into protecting him from the hospital visit he was due.
    I still think he deserves his legs broken, he’s sub-human.

  289. complexindividual010

    Roy Keane is a legend

  290. MrReconnaissence

    Roy Keane you absolute fucking scum bag. How dare you sit there and
    complain about a tackle “it almost cut him in half” Hmmmmm. Pretty sure you
    ended a certain someones football career a few years back.

  291. thehitchrules

    Keane was a dirty player . Everyone knows it. That’s what he’s known as .
    Some legacy.

  292. Eamonn Barrett

    Um. Murder? You do know what “literally” means don’t you?

  293. Austin Reise

    Keane and Cantona are the dirtiest Man U players of all time. Undeniable
    fact. With Fergie, they can get away with murder on the pitch, literally.

  294. deovision

    When someone says “Roy Keane Argues” you expect something?!! To be honest
    I’ve never seen Roy so mellow.

  295. 94PaulyD

    the thing is, if this was an isolated incident, things might have blown
    over but this is not the first time an English team has been on the wrong
    end of a dodgy decision against a Spanish team in the Champions League
    (Barcelona vs Arsenal, Chelsea vs Barcelona etc.).

  296. sandygally22sg

    Keane is a fucking bad ass he was a warrior on the pitch and he must of
    knownin hed get slated for saying that was a red cardcause nearly everyone
    thaught it was a yellow at best but in the laws of the modern game you cant
    go in like that on a player but i just love how honest he is hes the only
    pundit not to pussyfoot around top man

  297. onthelash2012

    Still bitter about the IRA? Some number they must have done on you if
    you’re still whining about them…

  298. munichhogroast


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    midfield with xavi and iniesta on the treble season. He has been amazing
    for years.

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  320. Harry Drake

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  321. Mohammad Izuwan

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    you use? 

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  325. Vespian90

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    have such a good team, i also did an inter milan and rly.enjoyed that, some
    good youth.

  326. Cris Games

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    It’s Navas not Nevas the way you say it you say it as it looks 

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  350. Franco Sanchez

    I would have:

    1. P. Schmeichel (GK)
    2. Nevile (RB)
    31. J. Staam (CB)
    15. Vidic (CB)
    3. D. Ervin (LB)

    23. Beckham (RM)
    18. Scholes (CM) or Roy Keane (CM)
    7. E. Cantona (LM)

    20. Van Persie (RW)
    10. Ruud van Nistelrooy (CF)
    17. C. Ronaldo (LW)

  351. thegiftedmedia

    LOL. Giggs probably forgot about Van Nistelrooy and picked Rooney only
    because it was a name that popped in his head.

  352. Joshua Anuran

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  353. silVerY GOLd.

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    for united. Beckham, sir bobby charlton, dennis law, could go on… 

  354. WH Photography

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  355. oldschool90s

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  356. BōtokuRand

    My squad would be more like this:

    GK: Van Der Sar (shoot me lol)

    RB: Phil Neville
    CB: Steve Bruce
    LB: Rio Ferdinand
    CB: Nemanja Vidic

    LM: Ryan Giggs
    RM: David Beckham
    CM: Paul Scholes

    RW: Eric Cantona
    CF: Ole Gunnar Solskjær
    LW: George Best

  357. Breen Irwin

    2:irwin 3: bruce 4:vidic 5: gary neville
    6:c.ronaldo 7: scholes 8: roy keane 7: giggs
    9:cantona 10: ruad van nisteroy
    Van der sar
    Ole gunner solskar

  358. Hyrugaful

    1. Edwin VDS
    2. Gary Neville 3. Vidic 4. Rio 5. Evra
    6. C.Ronaldo 7. Keane 8. Scholes 9. Giggs
    10. Rooney 11. Andy Cole

  359. Samee B

    Giggs seamed very reserved about his picks

  360. Jim Bobbbs

    Can’t argue with Giggs here. Especially when he said scholes was the best
    player he ever played with.

  361. deadmanavir

    Imagine this team now with the players being younger…. :P

    OMG bring me tissues!!! QUICK!

  362. Aston Martin


  363. William Milligan

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  364. Goal

    Another appearance from *Giggsy* as he picks his *All* *time* *Manchester*
    *Utd* *XI.*

    Who would be in your XI?

  365. Luna Cuadrado

    his so called dream team would lose to the invincibles though
    49 49 undefeated 49 49 i say
    49 49 undefeated playing football the Arsenal way!

  366. Sarthak Gulati

    it is tough to pick one btw schmiechel and van der sar
    and its damn tough to pick two out of becks ronaldo and giggs.
    but every manutd has to have a wayne rooney. no matter who the rest of the
    players are. nobody can do what wayne does for manutd. 

  367. ay games


  368. Eugene Song

    rooney over nistelrooy? and beckham over giggs any day lol

  369. WiteStylWots England

    Ha, Giggs has the personality of a goat!

  370. Sam Drastic

    Putting yourself in your own dream team, how selfish do you wanna get -_-
    It sums Man U up!

  371. Alexander Stephenson

    Not yourself i think Nani 

  372. Aaron Silber

    george best?

  373. jigyoda

    even if Hernandez leaves United, he’ll still be an average forward. He’s
    just a poacher, nothing more

  374. TheUTubeTeamSucks

    As a MUFC fan, think these penalties sum up our season – lack of confidence
    and technique.

  375. andre madridista

    that’s why england will never win a penalty shootout..

  376. Jeremy Beck

    Phil Jones’ penalty was comical lol


    we won

  378. zzzaaa0990

    Shocking defending,great result though.22-1-2014 will always be in my heart

  379. Albanian Y

    unlucky januzaj he was fantastic

  380. Sergio Navarro

    That’s right, Chicharito stepping it up! Thanks for the video.

  381. Justin Benniardi

    Idk what happened to MU lol. Welbeck, Januzaj, Rafael and even Jones, the
    man who said “I’m determined to snatch the capital one cup” missed all
    their shots. Im with #MCFC but i hope #MUFC gets well soon. cause their
    terribly sick :) 

  382. Cre8vCoLouRz

    No idea why they thought it’d be a good idea to let Phil Jones take a

  383. CreeperKillerMC

    How did it go to penalties when man utd won 2-1????

  384. SkiillzHD

    I feel sorry for Adnan 

  385. zoro teoh

    fuck u rafael

  386. dewa nanda

    He’s big, He’s tall, You’re gonna score f**k all, Petr Cech, Petr Cech
    BUKAN DE GEA !!! :) )

  387. Amrit Mohanty

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  388. Ahmad Fahmy

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  394. Andrea H

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  395. mrzuniga78

    That’s what Man U. gets for NOT having more faith in a Mexican! F@ck the
    nay sayers…

  396. Nickmal Maulana Hakiem

    Maybe football fans still discuss MU lost to Chelsea … and now appeared
    again lost to sunderland ….

    Why we are busy discussing a natural thing? :’)

  397. sonny aspin

    YES!!SUNDERLAND GET IN THERE!(I am a sunderland supporter)!and I like
    supporting sundrrland!

  398. Oz

    I almost feel bad for you guys. Nah I am kidding, best of luck with Van

  399. George Wright


    Rafa Evans hummels shaw

    Herrera Vidal

    Adnan. Rvp Di maria

    I can dream ay ;) 

  400. Lewis Borsje-Clark

    What ‘world class’ players are you hoping we sign? I’m personally hoping
    for Vidal :) 

  401. karmjit dhami

    This Vidal Situation is total bolox media talking shit on/off/on and now

  402. Maarten RK

    Small football nation ? lol
    The Netherlands is a small nation yes not a small football nation :) 

  403. Ahmed Zeidan

    We need to sign some heavy hitter players.

  404. Blaine o hare

    I think van gaal is still gonna teach Mourinhio a few things ;) 

  405. WWEVSTNA88

    Hope ur enjoying ya holiday mate really want to go to USA

  406. JinNOSify

    The moth part, LOL

  407. Andy Manser

    Anything is Better than Ginger Goblin even President Obma could Run team
    better that that Ginger twat from Everton. Least this season not have to
    use boxing gloves and spray. For me get top 4 be happy and cup. i take
    anything after ginger destroyer fucked it up enjoy rest hols mate Andy

  408. Richard Bester

    Louis Van Gaal, WELCOME TO MANCHESTER UNITED. We see great things coming
    from you.

  409. Riffat Uddin

    I think we’re gonna finish 1st. I don’t know, I just have this strong
    feeling because Van Gaal knows whats he’s doing, he just revises each time
    and doesn’t waste time on other things (like going on a holiday LOL) he’s
    up to the job. I hope we 100% see Vidal, Di Maria and hummels coming in
    this transfer window. 

  410. Ryan Anderson

    I saw your juggling skills on your backyard mice skills mate 

  411. Shoaib Khan

    I am a Man u fan but when you say that he plays Total Attacking football is
    absolute bollocks he is going to be like mourinho was this previous season
    with many buses, in the world cup with Holland the only game in which they
    had a remote sense of attacking flair was against Spain full stop. The Rest
    where dreadful performances playing with 6 players in defence so stop the
    love in and be realistic top 4 at best for his first season but most likely

  412. Maurice Varela

    if we get Vidal and Hummels we winning the league

  413. Ryan Anderson

    Do you think there’s a chance you can make fifa 15 videos like career mode
    or ultimate team??? 

  414. Ryan Anderson

    I heard you were a better player than Fred

  415. EvolutionSev

    I think top 3 for sure. LvG plays attractive football. Watching Holland
    play in the WC was fantastic. I can’t wait to see what he does with Man.
    United. Glad they’ve signed Herrera and Shaw, I think 2 more world class
    signing are in order. Vidal and Hummels would be a good way to start the
    season I think.

  416. Tom Campbell

    Cant fucking wait

  417. Tobias Nilsen

    Hi Mr! When are you back from vacation? Just wondering, because ur videos
    are good! I would LOVE for Vidal to come in, but if im gonna be realistic
    (my opinion) I think we should go for 2 new centralbacks and a winger..
    Wiljnadum, Depay and Reus are my prefers! For defenders I would like
    Hummels and Vrij maybe? 

  418. zabu kaka

    we will win EPL these season.

  419. SpySport

    Anyone else feeling like a kid at Christmas right now? You know there’s a
    fun surprise coming….but not sure what! Oohh. The suspense.

  420. Dmitry Ivanov

    you’ll be lucky if you get 4th. Van Gaal is innovative(converted Schwein,
    Alaba and Muller to their best positions), but he sucks tactically when you
    need to change the course of the game. LvG is unpredictable, he might do
    well but he also might fail miserably. I am laughing at the people who
    predict ManU to get 1st

  421. vintage stereo

    me as a dutch can say that you have one of the best coaches ever. This mans
    biggest power is to make young players in very short time international
    stars. It is one of the few trainers who can actually make players much
    better. But don’t believe in miracles, you will be champion next year for
    sure, the first year he have to build up the team i expect MU will end 3
    ore 4th place. after next year he can make MU european champion once again.
    With 2 starplayers Rooney and RvP he have 2 older players to make those
    younger ones grew very fast, These 2 players will be the heart of the team.

  422. ISmellFishez

    Conte leaves Juventus, that could be a good sign for getting Vidal! And
    Xherdan Shaqiri tweeted about not wanting to be one for the future after
    Bayern said they consider him for the future. I would definitely go for him
    rather than any other winger (except Reus, but he’s injured). Ideal for me
    would be Vidal, Shaqiri and a CB like Hummels.

  423. Zedenexx

    di maria cant fix your defense man u . hala madrid fuck barcelona

  424. Samee B

    What a day

  425. Isaac Guiste

    I am a true Man Utd fan and I always have and always will be but to all the
    fans crying about this I can admit we are doing dire and it is actually
    upsetting to see. Man Utd were dominating Leicester and then the 2nd half
    defending was un-real I have seen bad Man Utd defeats but this one and the
    Milton keynes 4 v 0 torturing is bad news. Instead of buying world class
    strikers have they considered the defense which sorry is the worst iv’e
    seen since Man Utd existed as a team. We will come back and when we do
    we’ll be stronger than ever before but I sadly see this being a regular
    issue in the next 3-4 seasons. :-) But despite everything Glory, Glory Man
    Utd and haters can eat my shit…

  426. jijweethetookniet

    The ref better on Leicester obviously, Man U got robbed.

  427. Kevin Miravite

    What is the language of the commentators?

  428. Nitro Pigz

    The ref was payed by Leicester 

  429. Vladimir Putin

    We have forsure to fix our defence, but this game was totaly fucked up by
    ref. I cant believe fans didnt get in and kick his

  430. Irhuelz TV

    3 billion club loses with promotion club ? WTF? can you explain?

  431. craig wahabb

    RESPECT FOR Leicester City , shame on the reff, and Man U , please buy some
    fucking deffenders , we wasn’t that mucn in a need for Falcao or Di Maria,
    we let go Vidic and Rio , and we put young players with no experience at
    all , thats what happends , and i wonder how worse will it get against
    better teams like Chelsea , Man city , Everton …. that are doing great
    this season
    (as an Algerian , i wanted to see Riad Mehrez play but … thats ok )

  432. hamiltonrocks598

    Leicesters first goal was like playing fifa

  433. 3drs1

    de gea = shit

  434. Mike Rusty

    Not bad for the underdogs. Leicester played well too!!

  435. 26FHM

    CLANGERRRRRRRRBURG changed the course of the game but credit to Leicester
    fc for the win just not Vardy the cheating diver!!!

  436. Joshua green
  437. ssjmink201

    how is 6:10 not a foul? LC player pushed the Man U away from the ball but
    the LC player dives and its a goal DAFUQ?! Same thing with LC 4th goal

  438. rooneyfan6292

    anyone who denies Manchester united were robbed by the refs are stupid

  439. codmaster456

    Congratulations to Mark Clattenburg. Won the game on his own

  440. AdamB789

    Love all the man u ’supporters’ that probably didnt even watch the game
    complain about the ref, the ref and linesman were contantly giving you free
    kicks for barely anything all game so you can stop crying and admit you
    were absolutely dominated in the second half and we got what we deserved
    5-3 :D 

  441. ESSA CH

    I am a man united fan and I would like to say: Shame on you Sir Alex
    Ferguson, for destroying the MANCHESTER UNITED and taking all the money.
    Just remember the Team is alive and the Spirit of Manchester United is
    bigger then anything you imagine. so have fun with the money and enjoy few
    years of your life. you were my hero for last 30 years, but now :( 

  442. Shahir Ismail

    Most of the people in these comments who say that “The better team won”
    aren’t even Leicester fans their just United haters.I repeat for those who
    wants to debate with me,MOST PEOPLE.

  443. Milos Ilic

    5:40 This referee is a joke…From that moment everything turns against Man

  444. ThaLed93

    I thought defeating QPR meant MANU were in the title race for you mancs?

  445. kayinda hamuza

    I.was jst a bad day

  446. Ryuuji Ikeda

    Leicester City vs Manchester United 5-3 2014 All …:

  447. Darryll1412xx

    Leicester City’s goalie, Kasper Schmeichel is the son of former player &
    ManU idol, Peter Schmeichel who is in the Manchester United’s Top 10
    Goalkeepers of All-Time!! Ironies of Life!!

  448. Jo Ricky

    Park, he actually does not have any super dribbling skills like CR7 or
    Messi. Three lungs thats all he had.

  449. DOE MAN

    I think Park and Kagawa are some of the best asian players without a doubt.

  450. CrazySoon9413

    Park Ji Sung is the main reason why I’m proud of being Asian!

  451. Guy LeDouche

    A wonderfully unselfish, smart player–who can run like hell.

  452. Joshua Matheus

    i miss the old united now!

  453. Derplanwagen

    Korea really needed him at WC 2014. Without him, theres no fighting.

  454. Michael Diamond

    He always ripped arsenal apart, he was soo goog in big matches

  455. C13HD

    talented, generous, loved by all. Great person and great player ! Welcome
    back Park to Old Trafford !! :D Legend of shadow . He always give more
    than 110% for United. Respect Sir!
    Manchester will never forget you! Arsenal and Chelsea also ahah

  456. dae o'neill lee

    park true winner

  457. Raymund Francis

    He may not have had the skills of Ronaldo or Rooney, but they did not have
    his capacity to run either. It proves that no one player makes a team. Park
    never stopped running, never gave up when he lost the ball. His tenacity
    and grit is the hallmark of legends. He will be remembered in the annals of
    Man U’s history and in Asia, he will always be respected as the only Asian
    who captained a top world class team. 

  458. JH SEO

    No doubt. He’s just fuckin LEGEND of Korean foot ball player. 

  459. MrConnie.Jr

    I’ve actually heard one of the commentary in the middle of the match
    against Chelsea, saying “Park is everywhere”.

  460. ZolaMagic25

    The secret of his success? Eating frog juice.

  461. Junghoon Lee

    #jsmhe are u korean?

  462. BayernCompHD

    Super gemacht!! Ji-Sung Park ist Legende

  463. Rhapzodic

    You want at least one person on your squad that has half the talent and
    heart this guy had.

  464. Daniel Kim

    evra’s best friend, park ji sung!

  465. Farhan Zahari

    100% commited player! He shouldve retired at manchester!

  466. kku kim

    그냥 똥자루중에선 최고스타

  467. Gurumonic

    A truly legendary footballer. Pioneered the European scene to other Asian
    players and the first one to prove that even Asian players can be
    successful at the highest level. The most successful Asian footballer in
    the history. One of the few genuine team players who was determined to
    sacrifice everything on the pitch. Without a doubt, Park is the first
    player ever who demonstrated the dynamics of his unique position as a
    ‘defensive winger’. One can really argue that recent struggle of united
    ignited with the departure of Park. An incredible player who was extremely
    underrated to say the least.
    One of a kind footballer from South Korea
    I am happy and honored to have lived to see you play on the pitch
    Thank you Ji

  468. Andry Ansari

    Somehow i cried watching this lol

  469. hisun01

    Perfect pro j.s.park 그립다

  470. Andy Ip

    this show how Lazy most of United players are now a day!

  471. Cuong Vo

    some people dislike may come from North Korea :) )

  472. bigboy gil

    Park was a fighter .. We lack a fighter at the moment.. 

  473. LfcReviewKing

    he’s turned hammerings into wins for u lot, only great player and he
    doesn’t deserve to play for u, poor lad should go to real madrid, he kept u
    out of relegation last season and it looks like he’ll keep u midtable this

  474. Joey Drinkhall

    I’m a Chelsea fan and I’m not just saying this because he’s our player but
    I still think Courtois is better than him (and Neuer is better than both
    imo) Whilst DDG has obviously improved I’d still say he’s been at fault for
    a couple of goals this season whilst Courtois I don’t think has conceded a
    goal in which I thought he should be saving that (could be wrong there
    tho). The argument that DDG has more to do is a weird one because what’s to
    say if Courtois/Neuer were behind United’s defence they wouldn’t be saving
    them it’s like saying DDG might struggle more behind a good defence because
    he might not have the concentration to stay alert when untroubled. There’s
    also the point that Neuer and especially Courtois are far superior in terms
    of commanding the 18 yard box. I’d personally have DDG around 3rd in the
    world right now but in the future I’d expect him and Courtois to be by far
    the best 2 in the world.

  475. FullTimeDEVILS

    Is David De Gea, on current form, the best goalkeeper in the world? We want
    to know what you think. Join the debate and comment below. If not De Gea,
    who is? Coutois, Neuer, Lopez, Cech, Lloris, Sirigu?

  476. TheSinister

    He is good but no were near as good as neuer and Courtois, and maybe lloris
    , bout the same because lloris defence and team is Pretty bad (no offence
    to the Spurs fans hahah) 

  477. MrAntifunctional

    Courtois is better than De Gea I think. And he’s the best in the world. 

  478. Fabricio Beckelmann

    in my opinion, De Gea is te best younger goalkepper in the world, but lets
    be honest, Manuel Neuer is the best

  479. Adon

    He is 2nd in my eyes, ahead of Courtois, behind neuer

  480. Chris Williams

    Courtios is better than de gea in every way. Neuer and de gea are about
    even imo

  481. Vladimir Putin

    Neur is just overrated as hell. Just because he leaves goals and makes some
    passes? LoL Last year Degea only got 3 goals against madrid and saved alot
    of times, while Neur 5 goals. Secondly i didnt see any strong saves by
    Neur. As i just said, he is too overrated

  482. ibrahim roble

    He missed at rojo

  483. Rohnit Nair

    Simon Mignolet is the best

  484. Dhanush v.k

    De gea as a shot stopper is the best in the world without a doubt ! As a
    whole, in terms of commanding the area on corners and stuff, neuer and
    cortouis are a little better. 

  485. David Degea

    It’s undisputed Number 1 in the world right now is Nueur. Sometimes
    achievement is very important for Gk. It’s hard for De Gea to be no.1 with
    our shaky defenders. Apart from that, he is still waiting for his chance in
    National team.

    It doesn’t matter who is the number 1 for me, but we really need to let him
    sign a new contract as soon as possible. I’m not worried much about Madrid,
    but it’s his girlfriend ” Edurne ” who is working in Spanish showbiz. Once
    she said it would be perfect if her boyfriend could play for Barcelona. One
    day when they get married what do you think about that ? I only hope that
    De Gea will be with us until his retirement. I want to see him surpass
    Peter Schmeichel.

  486. Osama Anwer

    That’s just like an arsenal fan calling Ramsey the best midfielder in the
    world when he had those 3 months at the Start of the season last year.
    There is nothing known as “best in the world due to current form”. You
    gotta look at a period of at least a year to make any judgements and neuar,
    courtouis and even petr cech is better than de gea in that perspective 

  487. Muzzy ‎​‎​

    Simon Mignolet is the best goalkeeper, because he is fuckin up Liverpool FC
    hopes, getting in Europe.. enjoy Eastenders and Coronation Street next
    season boys! 

  488. naeem bhana

    If de gea was in real he would be the best because most people don’t watch
    United games so they look at the clean sheets and the amount they concede
    so it’s unfair to him

  489. J Wilkinson

    Best in the league: Yes
    Best in the world : No

  490. Sloth55Chunk

    De Gea is better than Courtois. He has stood by us from the beginning and
    we have stood by him, even through his shaky first couple years. Courtois
    had a couple good seasons out on loan to Madrid (because Chelsea would
    never of given him a chance) and suddenly Chelsea bring him back and act
    like they created him. We built De Gea to what he is now and he has been
    there for us while every defender is taking turns being injured. I would
    like to see how well Courtois does when Terry, Cahill, Azpilicueta, and
    Ivanovic are all out at the same time.

  491. Avtex Sports

    The saves he made this season already,some goalkeepers have not even done
    that in training #fact

  492. Mark F

    He is the best in the league without a doubt IMO. I can’t really say the
    world as I don’t watch them apart from in the champions league. 

  493. 20 times United

    De Gea is a lot more important to his team that Neuer and Courtois are.
    Chelsea and Bayern could easily be successful without them. 

  494. Riddhi Khan

    Many people will say Courtois and Neuer are better than De Gea. And maybe
    that’s true, but you have to acknowledge how bad the defence is in front of
    him. When you have John Terry & Cahil/Boateng and Benatia in front of the
    defense, goalkeepers are rarely tested. There is no doubt David De Gea is
    one of the best keeper in the world and in the future, him and Courtois are
    gonna be the best two goalkeepers in the world. 

  495. darkmninya

    Rofl neuer is twice as good, de gea saves was not that special, they
    shooted in the direction of him. Courtois is also bettery and remember de
    gea had 6 bad games in the beginning

  496. Greebabbm

    He is the best…
    Without De Gea ,United would be easily in the bottom of the table.
    Germany and Bayern would be as succesfull without Neuer as they are now.
    Neuer is just a above-average goalkeeper who is trying to gain attention by
    unnessecerily clearing balls near the half-way line because his defence
    makes most of the job.
    De Gea is a brilliant shot – stopper,on a way higher level than Neuer in my

  497. luigilimjap

    1) Neuer
    2) De Gea
    3) Courtois
    4) Arsenal

  498. Fahd Charafi

    before the match : Real Madrid will beat Man utd
    after the match : that just friendly

  499. huymkj

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  500. mexchopper


  501. Nabil Fifa

    I support Manchester UTD and my favourite player is in Real Madrid. Mixed

  502. tysonuk

    Great crowd, i suppose one positive to the immigration from South America
    to the USA is the fact they bring the love of football with them. It won’t
    be long before the sport will be THE Football of choice in the USA.

  503. James crowley

    That crown colour looks a bit different to marcas version
    It show you madrid are big in Spanish speaking countries but
    When comes the greatest countries in the world United are on another level.

  504. Mãzo Kovic

    Bale’s dangerous

  505. Van Macok

    Man Utd come back !

  506. Dhruv Pankhania

    In my Opinion the new kit numbers should be,..

    8- Mata
    9- RVP
    10- Rooney or Mata
    11- Janujaz

    Dependant on any players we buy

  507. Armser22

    Great Match!!
    Manchester U always will be my favorite in this !! 

  508. Sieberj

    Lol people are happy man won but ronaldo didn’t play or benzema

  509. 26FHM

    Last season the morale was sooo low but everyone’s rejuvenated under LVG
    and it looks like to be a very good season for UNITED.

  510. Bourne Foosaeng

    Don’t be pround man, it was just frienly match. LOLLLL

  511. TheFawly84

    Anyone else think that De Gea looks like one of the top keepers in the
    world? He’s starting to get a presence in goal now and he looks so solid. I
    can’t recall the last time he made a mistake. In the next year or so I
    think he will be contesting Neuer for worlds best goalkeeper alongside

  512. ikato kiyazaki

    man united looking strong…but too bad that they are not in the champions
    league this season…

  513. George Remus

    well done Red Devils!
    Amazing historic game!

  514. Ronnie J

    Thanks, can we get the full game?

  515. TheDyson85

    Michigan is red

  516. ATEOH5

    kagawa to hernandez nice

  517. Jakiro Carry

    Love Man Utd <3

  518. Jason Gulauma

    manchester united the best team i love in my life

  519. Allan Anderson

    Can’t stand this aspect of modern football these days. Playing pointless
    games abroad, just to massage revenue. The game no longer has any substance

  520. Andre A

    Im so proud of our boyz! and what lious van gaal brings on the field
    “tactic” !!! Holland!

  521. real madrid best of Elclasico

    Butt hurted Man U fans we will be waiting in champions league if u can 

  522. Arizmendi10

    Man u should atleast give Mata the No. 10 jersey smh…

  523. Alex Holland

    You’ve literally cropped out half the video trying to advertise your

  524. Jamie Brennan

    Simri Por qué dijiste una porquería

  525. Shaun Nti

    De GEA 

  526. Simri Hazael Montolla Santos

    Falcao = a porquería 

  527. Ata Cengo

    De Gea♥♥♥

  528. selvin romero

    Nice Manchester unt for live homes 

  529. Bishnu Ghimire

    best keeper ever,,, we lov u dave

  530. Khanage03

    De gea 

  531. Purple Ditto

    Great match

  532. Kent Rune Henriksen

    Such an awesome bunch of players! Ander really impressed me.

  533. Bail.RandomVids

    If you look at de gea painting it’s good so is Herreras their both Spanish,
    spanish are good painters

  534. Manchester41912

    Can’t stand fletcher.. he is useless

  535. uu379666

    Rvp and mata will be good at this…

  536. Curtis I

    Anderson gets paid shyt ton, to paint a plane 

  537. Paddy .Spock

    Perhaps this should be of interest ; Charlie Hebdo Shootings – Censored

  538. tshepang makhubedu

    “Is that a Plane” Lmao 

  539. vũ phạm

    what is the song background ?? guys 

  540. Mr. Cool

    Ander Herrera is an “Artist” 

  541. tshepang makhubedu

    LOL Get in Darren ! 

  542. danskizaman

    di maria looks so awkward

  543. Lee Allen

    james wilson’s painting looks like Kyogre from pokemon lol

  544. 70workout

    Ashley Young’s plane tho

  545. peichuan zhao

    Would anyone tell me what’s the BGM plz

  546. Никита Петров

    Эрера могёт

  547. Yik Ki Yeung

    Herrera and Carrick

  548. Mr88ist

    Carrick’s the best. :) 

  549. detskipesnicki87


  550. Stress Stress

    a beautiful picture…….i wanna have anyone :) love you all :* from

  551. Дмитрий Сухов
  552. sungsam
  553. มารุต อารีมา
  554. SativaLag

    Howson, a fine representative for us Man Utd fans.
    FTD getting bigger and bigger! well done lads.

  555. barryleepun

    1:50 and put the subtitle on

  556. LFCmonkey98

    We can still get top 4 just hope this doesn’t effect us mentally for the up
    coming games!

  557. Prince HD

    Go on Howson! Represent FTD!! 

  558. Ewan McNairn

    Mata was amazing

  559. Sky Sports

    Folliowing Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester United, Stephen Howson and
    Paul Machin discuss the home side’s lack of chances, Steven Gerrard’s red
    card and the top 4 ambitions of both clubs

  560. anthonynaughton1

    Full time Devils turn up

  561. Ali Riaz

    Omg Stephen on sky sports!!!

  562. Bhrm2 Bhrm2

    Full times devils

  563. RED DEVIL


  564. Tiyong55

    Steve gerrard gerrard, he stamped on anders calf, he got a straight red
    card! Thanks gerrard gerrard. :D 

  565. bilal hassan

    Full time Devils

  566. Saul Brocklehurst

    Both these two speak way more sense than any of the other pundits (apart
    from Gary Neville and Souness)

  567. Ballers Life

    I love the music at the end of the videos. And F the bin dippers, hope
    United finish second.

  568. 69kaztheman

    when liverpool fans say united have a tough run in it makes me laugh

    we have ONE tough game and thats cheslea away… arsenal and city at home
    we will beat them especially in the way we are playing

    liverpool have 2 AWAY games to chelsea and arsenal with no sturridge,
    gerrard, skrtel or lallana

    might i add that you cunts are already FIVE points away from us so you
    basically have to beat chelsea away and arsenal away and we have to
    somehow lose to games for you to get even a sniff at top 4

    not only that united have the best record amongst the top 5 sides, we arent
    phased at all

  569. pfl95

    United controlled the game most of the time and the passing was excellent
    at times. Di Maria is improving and getting more confident! Few good runs,
    key passes, and an assist. Made Liverpool work for the ball! Fatigue and
    Frustation for Liverpool throughout the game. Absolutely fantastic from a
    lot of United players.

    Ref was pretty good. A bit lenient on both sides gotta say but did a fair

    Skrtl and Stevie G are not gonna play in the next match. Man, Liverpool
    will have a tough time against Arsenal!

    United have Villa next, a tough oppo but winnable. Confident going against
    City adn Chelsea as well! 

  570. JT Plays


  571. ryan snailham

    state of that fat mess on the right

  572. Muhammad Salman

    Ji Sung Park with Evra: Lovely

  573. Suyash Khubchandani

    Patrice Evra is a thug though 

  574. Muhammad Salman

    0: 53 : Couldn’t stop laughing

  575. Matthias De Decker

    The most romantic football club in football history and that will never

  576. Lénárd Plutzer
  577. Huang Billy

    Evra…The true troll legend

  578. Pranathi Gudapati

    Oh the best Man U video ever lmao

  579. Herue Irawan

    i remember the last scene, but i dont remember what commercial that was..

  580. Kimhour Seng

    5:12 all four left us….this is heartbreaking

  581. Noisy Summer

    what’s the song pls? :) 

  582. aditya apriza


  583. Calvin Pang

    Budi bermain bola.. haha

  584. dcvbhtrdf

    5:17 all 4 players played for ManUtd last season but none of them do now :( 

  585. piyanut pala


  586. dcvbhtrdf

    I’ve just realised Kimhour Seng already said that lol

  587. mizopa7esalor

    haha great video.. thank you

  588. Jhonatan Gutierrez

    The best team in the world!!!

  589. Shi Ah Lee

    Todos muy lindo!!!!!!!! Especialmente mi David y Chicharito!!! No, Todos
    futbolista de Man. Utd!!!!!!!!!!